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Friday, October 28, 2011

20 Feel-Good Tips

to help achieve your wellness goals. Check off the items on this to-do list and you'll be on your way to better health.  From: Healthy Living

1. Break out the blender. Use seasonal fruits to make a tasty, healthy drink that's packed with vitamin C and fiber. This smoothie is all fruit- grapefruit, orange and a frozen banana in a blender and puree.
2. Create a weeter sip. Take an oath to drink more water and fewer sugary beverages. To make it more enticing, fill a pitcher with fresh fruit and herbs and refridgerate it for several hours to let the flavors meld. Try  pineapple, ginger and mint.
3. Hit the snooze bbutton. Sleeping more may help you lose weight.  Researchers put ten over-weight subjects on a low calorie diet for two 14 day periods and asked them to sleep either five and ahlf hours or eight and a half hours per night. All the subjects lost weight, but those who slept longer lost 55% more body fat.
4. Eat your heart out. Artichokes, at their best during spring months, are "unbelievably low in calories," says dietician Kristine Clark- about 65 a piece. And each one packs more fiber than a bowl of raisin bran. Try adding thin slices to whole-wheat pasta or a sandwich. Or if you're adventurous, steam them whole.
5. Play in the snow. Snowshoeing is a great aerobic exercise that almost anyone can do. An hour of snowshoeing burns 600 calories. Plus, when you walk on snow (as opposed to land) your hamstrings and gluteal muscles get a better workout. Use poles to challenge your triceps and shoulders.
6. Get squeaky clean. The secret to staying healthy during the winter may be washing your hands. Lather up for 20 seconds. Less than that and you might not remove the pathogens that cause colds, flu and other ailments. Reach for standard soap. Antibacterial varieties are not more effective, and bacteria can become resistant to their compounds.
7. Live and Learn. Start by taking up hula-hooping or juggling. They are activities that require coordination and concentration, so they're great ways to engage you mentally and physically. The brain sprouts new nearons through-out your life, as long as you keep it active. Aim for learning something every month; a card game or a new knitting stitch.
8. Toss a colorful salad. Exchange croutons for a small handful of dried fruit. Upgrade from pale lettuces to darker ones and work in as many colors as you can. Colors indicate a rich in beta-carotene; purple produce in rich in the antioxidants resveratrol and anthocyanin.
9. Spruce up your desk. If you're gunning for a promotion, help boost your productivity by adding personal touches, such as plants, phtotos or art to your work area. These kinds of items make you feel at ease, which inspires greater focus and precision on the job, a study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology reveals.
10. Grow Flowers. In addition to looking lovely, flowers can improve your mood. Having blooms around makes people feel more positive., compassionate and energetic. Winter is the perfect time to plant tender bulbs indoors (we recommend amarylis, hyacinths, and paperwhites). Bring some buds into your life. Within weeks you'll have a cheerful display.
11. Stregthen your smile. Keep your teeth in top shape. Limit your intake of acidic drinks such as orange juice, soda amd bottled iced tea, which can attack enamel, softening it and making it more open to the bacteria that cause cavitities. When you do have these sips, rinse your mouth with water afterward to help wash away damaging acidic residue.
12. This tip was all about nail poish, which I don't use so I'm skipping it.
13. Be nice to your neck. Sitting at a desk all day causes muscles in the spper back and neck to become tight. Try this simple move to stretch away neck tension: while you are sitting, ectend your right arm toward the floor. Tile your left ear toward your shoulder; use your left hand to tilt your head further. Hold for 20 seconds and switch sides.
14. Howl with laughter. Got a case of the giggles? Good! Just be sure to laugh with your mouth wide open. A hearty laugh is more likely to uplift others' moods and lead them to smile than a closed-lip snicker.
15. Stay strong. Start with two old-school moves: the push up and the squat. Lean muscle mass decreases with age, so it's important to continue building it over time. Aim for practicing a strength-training routine three or four days a week with moves to target all major muscles froups.
16. Map your Vacation. Dreaming of warm, sandy beaches? Pull your head out of the clouds and start planing a trip. Taking time for leisure has both mental and physical health beefits. Research shows it increases happiness and overall quality of life.
17. Slice strawberries. Strawberries are one of the summer's most delicious fruits, and they pack more vitamin C than any other berry. Make the most of these nutritional jewels by swapping them in for jam ona sandwich to dispense with the added sugar and calories. Slice some onto whole wheat toast spread with peanut butter or almond butter or serve them over whole grain pancakes.
18. Lusterous Locks. Dust and dirt that collect in your drush can weigh down hair, but a clean one "grabs hair better at the root, which brings matural oils from the scalp toward the hair shaft, making strands appear shinier, says ownner of James Corbett Studio in NYC. To clean your brush, run a comb through it from the top to bottom.
19. More Kona. Another cup for caffeine- and one more reason to love your french press. Drinking coffee may reduce your risk of diabetes by preventing the developement of high blood-sugar levels and increasing sensitivity to insulin, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.
20. Reduce. Reuse. Refresh. About 13 million toms of plastic, such as soda and water bottles, end up in landfills each year. In honor of Earth Day, cut don o waste by investing in a soda maker that comes with reusable bottles. "For extra flavor, add a squeeze of lemon, lime or orange."

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