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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Everyone has bad days....

Boy am I glad I just logged on here. I could totally us those 20 feel good tips. Do you ever have a bad day, when you wake up knowing it's going to be awful. Then you mope around on the couch while the mess piles up around you until your clostrophobic. When you decide to kick yourself in the butt and get up and do something (mostly because your starving), you only realize your too overwhellmed by the long todo list and you end up sitting back down, maybe with a pile of mail that needs to be opened or a list of phone calls to make. That's when things get really bad. In the pile of mail that you've  been putting off (I mean there's really no point to opening bills until payday right?) is a bill, of course, but an unexpected huge one. Like your hospital bill from delivering your baby (who is now 7 months old) has gone to collection and they want the couple thousand dollars now. And a speeding ticket you got 7 years ago in another state finally caught up with you and now they want a couple hundred or your liscense will be suspended (and your job depends on having a lisence). And your daughter's life insurance (that your sure you paid) is on hold until you pay your overdue balence, add that to the list of phone calls, that now I have to do tomorrow because it's past 5pm. So now the kids are home and you didn't get anything done other than slumping into a depression. After dinner and putting the kids to bed you decide you don't feel like doing anything. It will all be there tomorrow. So I'm off to cry myself to sleep in hopes that tomorrow my bills will misteriously disappear and my husband will orb home from Korea and that fight he had before we left just fades away. Maybe tomorrow my kids will wake up happy (and not until 7am) and I will be motivated (I'll prep the coffee maker with the stong stuff before bed). Maybe the stars will allign and things will look up for me. Maybe I'll dream about someway to solve all the problems, and my poison ivy will just melt away over night. Maybe, just maybe, I won't wake up with a headache and the sun will shine brightly(but not too bright) and my children will greet me with a smile. I'm going to take my glass of wine and my kindle with Eco-Friendly Families (and a notebook to take notes) to bed now and clear my head. So cheers to writing down your worries (just to make sure nothing is forgotten) and getting them off my shoulders (there still seems to be some pain, so expect a p.s. later, or maybe that's just fatigue from doing nothing all day). Cheers to knowing it could be worse and that some day it will all be better. Cheers to being more motivated tomorrow and to finding solutions (or another job) in the morning. Cheers to a sad attempt to find humor in my misfortunes. And last but not least, cheers to a good box of wine and a kindle (so I can make the font bigger the more I drink) with good books on it! Good Night!

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