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Friday, April 19, 2013

Back on the Band Wagon

Not that I ever got off the band wagon, I just stopped looking for ways to improve for a while there. I've been too busy. It's not a good excuse, but the winter, being closed in the house, the kids and school has been overwhelming. It was probably the best time for me to look for ways to improve myself and my home, but I didn't.

I've been inspired by spring. I have done a lot with my yard already this year. It was warm earlier than usual, so I took advantage. I've devised some awesome plans (the follow through is going to be the tough part) and I hope to make my home a more than welcoming place. I think mostly for myself, to inspire me to stop running around and just enjoy my home. But also for everyone else, my children, my husband, our family and friends. It has brought me a renewed energy and sense of ambition. Something I can do that everyone will benefit from.

I just finished the Insanity program. I had slacker days, and didn't get the full "makeover" I had hoped for. I did rearrange some of my weight to much better spots, and I have more energy now and keep up with my kids much better. I and taking a week off, keeping it light, pilates, yoga, walking and then I'm going to plow through the Insanity/P90X hybrid program. I expect to see more from that because there is more muscle building. I will be in a bikini this year! I also think I didn't see the results I wanted because I didn't really watch my diet. Toward the end I started drinking a green smoothie for breakfast and a chocolate green smoothie for one of the later snacks. I focus much more on fruits and vegetables again, and I have to get used to the feeling of not being full, stopping before I'm full and some times feeling hungry.

In order the really accomplish all this I think I'm going to bring in a spring with some cleanses. I borrow "Super Cleanse" by Adina Nemerow from the library this week. I need to take a trip to Whole Foods before I can begin, but it suggests a one day cleanse once a week. And longer cleanses quarterly or when your starting feel run down or in need of a makeover. Its a very inspiring book and I hope to get the feelings I'm looking for from it. I'm a bit nervous so I'm starting with the one day cleanse. But before I even do that I need to prep my body for a week. I'm going to DC for my anniversary next weekend, so I may need 2 weeks to prepare. The suggested preparation, to me, sounds like things I need to change in my lifestyle anyway, but also sounds like impossible things in my house.

Try to avoid as much as possible:
  • bleached, refined flours and sugars
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • table salt
  • trans fat and refined oil
  • meats with antibiotics and hormones
  • farmed fish
  • food sprayed with pesticides and herbicides
  • genetically modified foods
  • dairy
  • additives (preservatives, nitrates, artificial color and flavor)
  • fast food and fried food
  • soda and juice with added sugar
  • tap water

Try to:
  • add alkaline water to your diet
  • limit meat
  • switch from coffee to chicory root or yerba mate
  • sub pasta for more vegetables or quinoa
  • more fresh meals and less frozen and premade
  • less smoking: 1/4 c lobelia tea sweetened with licorice root or 10-12 drops lobelia tincture in water a couple times a day
Before the cleanse
  • Read all literature on the particular cleanse
  • Choose recipes and go shopping
  • Reflect and set intentions
  • Be very good to yourself the day before you start
  • Hydrate (during meals warm lemon water or tea)
  • Sweat it out (1/2 c Epsom salt in hot bath)
  • Move your body (30 minutes a day)
  • Breath (belly rolls or alternate nostril breathing)
  • Flush your system (if your not already regular)
  • Nurture your mind and spirit (meditation and journaling)
  • catch your zzz's (no exercise, tv or heavy reading right before bed; listen to relaxing music; warm bath; chamomile tea; relaxation breathing

Water #1
1 liter purified water
pinch of Himalayan Salt
1 tsp fresh lemon juice

Water #2
1 liter purified water
10 drops inner light primeph

After all that, now your ready to cleanse. that already seems like a cleanse. Especially the way I've been eating lately! Well, I'll try that for the next week or two. Then I'll post about the actual cleanse. As for the journaling, I'm sure blogging counts, so I'll get back on it. Here's to a new me this year! Who says you need to start at New Year's?  I think spring is a much better time to get on with the changes!

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